HQ Philips HQ 7310 and 8240 and the lady in your life

Razor and two women in his life

With the holiday season, I want to compare two popular HQ Philips shaver. They are popular for two reasons: you can not shave and can not be the best for your money, then the Philips HQ 7130 and the need to provide 8240th Both are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and both offer a quality shave you expect from aPhilips HQ. His decision to shave for you depends more on what you want and pay what you want. But the real test slides for the love of your life with your hand on the cheek, to confirm that it is as easy as it gets. So here is a comparison between the two razors. For details and see all Philips shavers, click on the link below.

Philips HQ 7310

The Razor is less than $ 7,310 30 and has all the basic features that make this razor a real deal. With the floating heads, the beginning of a close and smooth shave in the morning to you on a positive note.

Are the main features of 7310:

Automatic adaptation to the contours of the face and neck.
Super Lift & Cut shaving causes hair to cut comfortably below the skin surface.
Floating heads align the blades on the skin to reduce irritation.
ComfortHeads of the profile with beautiful skin quickly.
Rechargeable battery with full light and LED display for battery operation.
Two-year warranty.

For your money you can not find a better quality of razors to find the 7310th

Philips HQ 8240

Acts of 8240 and feels like a very expensive device. This razor is faster through the acres of forest in the face on money. The main feature ofThis razor blade is double that raises the thatched roof, providing a comfortable shave under the skin. Wash well and maintenance requirements. Main features:

surface 50% larger for a fast shave.
Contour following system, facial contours grasp each hair with a cheap shot.
Simply wash for easy maintenance.
Precision Cutting System - Ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and holes to cut shortThatch.
Super Lift & Cut - Dual blade system lifts the hairs easier to cut below the skin surface
Two-year warranty.

This razor is a bargain, because it believes that the more expensive razors.

Both offer a razor with 8240 offers more features, hair: dual blade system will get a faster and smoother shave. The 8240 is more expensive than 7310, but both prices are very reasonable with the actual value of 7310Money. However, if you are looking for a razor, at a reasonable price that will give you a razor which is about $ 100 the 8240 is your razor feels prices. And do not forget the woman in his life wants to try to slip a hand to ensure that it is smooth shave, shaving or benefit received. Both of the razors are guaranteed 60 day money back guarantee. Discover a razor blade and further details on this and other shaver PhilipsClick on the link below.